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The HAC and RHA King’s Troop fired a remarkable number of rounds today as the visit of the President of the USA coincided with a salute to mark the 66th anniversary of the Queen’s accession to the throne (delayed one day as salutes are not fired on a Sunday). .

In Hyde Park, the first 41 Gun Salute fired by the RHA marked the arrival of the President, with the second salute (also of 41 guns) to mark the coronation anniversary. The basic salutes are normally 21 guns – but as Hyde park is a Royal Park another 20 rounds are added.

At the Tower, the HAC fired 103 rounds. This marked the President’s arrival, and the Queens Coronation anniversary, with an extra 20 rounds fired in each due to the location of the battery – and a further 21 guns for the City of London.

(The greatest number of rounds fired on a single day in London in one salute is 124 at the Tower, when the Duke of Edinburgh’s birthday (62 rounds) coincides with the Saturday designated as the Queen’s official birthday (another 62 rounds).)

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