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The charity’s Brighton centre is in urgent need of face masks to ensure appropriate PPE for our staff caring for their blind veterans who live there permanently.

Sourcing this kind of PPE through their regular channels is becoming increasingly difficult. Please help by spreading this message to as many as possible and if you, or anyone you know can help them, please get in touch by using the details below.

You can  also support the charity as they try and keep working during this crisis by donating to their coronavirus fund at

(PS. For the older and bolder, Blind Veterans UK is the new name for St Dunstans. They do the most incredible work supporting blinded ex-service men and women and are a particular favourite of the Military we feel that to lose one’s sight is one of the most shattering of all disabilities, especially if yo are young type and are blinded in action or similar. We are trying to do our bit in the background to source some masks in a hurry and might well have some good contacts. But they use 600 masks a day and we would ask that our readers try to help with equipment or money if at all possible. Ed.)

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