Murray Hammick Editor-in-chief

Murray Hammick

Regular army from the late ‘70s serving with the Chieftain-equipped 14th/20th Kings Hussars in Germany and West Berlin.  Apart from resolutely defending the West from the WP, attended the usual junior officer courses and then did the Long Armour Infantry Course at Bovington which led to a Weapons Staff job at Kirkcudbright. Joined the Royal Yeomanry in 1989 after leaving the Regulars; was OC HQ Sqn, Ops Offr and then Regtl 2i/c. Moved to 5AB Bde as part of CVHQ, leaving in 2001. Did a short stint in 2010-12 with the BRT for Wessex Bde.

Commercial career started with Janes Publishing as Ground Forces Editor for International Defense Review magazine. Then joined what was Alvis Vehicles as manager of Business Development before going solo with own company from 1997. Started various vehicle programmes and ran own engineering company before moving to the US to work full-time with TSG (became Force Protection), after providing financial support to that company.

At Force Protection, designed and developed the Cougar MRAP (which became the Mastiff in UK service), building and teaching a small design team (which was 50% Brit); first Cougar was handed over to the USMC in October 2004, some five and a half months after the first design sketches. Then set up the log-support which grew in size as delivery of Force Protection vehicles increased over time. Eventually supported some 7,000+ vehicle in the US, UK and other services. The ILS team were eventually shipping about $500m of parts a year and had 250 field support engineers in operational theatres.

Returned to the UK after working with other US companies and then set up on own again at the end of 2012. Worked on a range of overseas projects from vehicles to security installations.

In early 2018 was asked by Pete Wilson of XMR and MRHQ to come on board to take The Military Times from a nascent defence & news website and turn it into a unique and really useful internet and (eventually) hard-copy journal aimed at anyone who has served in the three armed forces.