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Don’t forget – ex-service types particularly sought after by the VSCC to act as Marshals.

Words courtesy of the VSCC….Ed


The first Speed event organised by the VSCC took place on 21st August 1935 on the gravel drive leading to Howard Park Hotel, Aston Clinton. Not only was this event open to VSCC members, but invitations were also sent to member of Frazer Nash, Brighton & Hove, Women’s Automobile & Sports Association and North West London Car Clubs.

The first car to take the honour of opening VSCC’s love affair with Speed events was Lieutenant-Colonel J Clutton’s 16hp 30cwt 1910 Fafnir, and ultimately lead to the inspiration for the Edwardian Classes which form an interesting and spectacular part of today’s Speed events.

The club’s most famous and popular Hill Climb takes place at Prescott Speed Hill Climb, with the first running of this event taking place in 1938.


Quite simply a speed event is the driver against the clock over a set course, usually a permanent motor sport venue, with the aim to be the quickest car in its class. A ‘Sprint’, or occasionally ‘Speed Trial’, takes place on a flat course such as Goodwood and a ‘Hill Climb’ takes place, unsurprisingly, on a course with a gradient such as Prescott. There are more hill climb and sprint venues in the country than any other motor sport. They range in course length from 880 yards to over 2 miles.

At all our speed events drivers have the opportunity of two practice runs in the morning, or on Saturday if it is a 2 day event, followed by 2 competition runs in the afternoon or on the Sunday. Most  VSCC events allow for a car to be shared by 2 drivers.



All Club Speed events cater for Pre-war Sports and Racing cars which are divided into capacity classes. A number of them include classes for Post-war racing cars and 1950s Sports-cars. The entry numbers can range from 100 to over 250 depending on the venue.

No formal training is required for a Speed event, although most venues have driving schools, but you will need an MSA (Non-Race) licence. With no other cars to concern you, only the clock and the boundaries of the course, Sprints and Hill Climbs are the best introduction to high speed VSCC motor sport.



Some thoughts from VSCC Club Members:

‘Great day and great company, didn’t see a single wheel turn in anger (but that often happens). As usual there was a great selection of cars, many of which you don’t see very often. Great to see Nanette and Kim II. Highlight of the day was a non-competing car. Thank you to all the marshal’s for all of their hard work. Apart from Prescott this is my favourite event of the year.’ Tom Hunt



‘I can only echo what has been said already but a huge thanks to the marshals on the day, they were great and made the day run so smoothly; all of them did a great job. Sprint was fun and more challenging that I had expected, in fact, for me, it got more challenging as the day went on. Great to be first out after rain for each half of the day, made things a little more exciting if a tad slower but who cares.’ Charles Beeden



Technical requirements

Your car will require a Eligibility Document (Buff Form)

It is mandatory for competitors to carry a Fire Extinguisher of a minimum size of 1.75 litres of AFFF or similar. Powder and BCF are specifically banned. 2 x 1 litre extinguishers are acceptable.

You are required to have personal safety equipment that complies with MSA Regulations, the items listed below are mandatory requirements:

Overalls are required to comply with FIA 8856-2000 or FIA 1986 Standard.

Helmets are required to comply with FIA 8860-2004 (not valid after 31/12/20), FIA 8860-2010, FIA 8859-2015, SNELL SA2005 (not valid after 31/12/18), SNELL SA2010 (not valid after 31/12/23), SNELL SA2015 (not valid after 31/12/23), SNELL SAH2010 (not valid after 31/12/23) and SFI Foundation 31.1A, 31.2A (not valid after 31/12/18).

Gloves are required to be Fire Resistant and are mandatory.

Boots which are Fire Resistant are strongly recommended.

This list is not exhaustive; you will also need to consult the current year’s MSA Competitors’ and Officials’ Yearbook in addition to individual event Supplementary Regulations.



Where are the events

The VSCC  hold 10 speed events each year, three sprints, six hill climbs and a special one-off event called The Pomeroy Trophy held at Silverstone each February (seen below).



In addition to Silverstone, they have Speed events this year at the following iconic venues: Curborough, Wiscombe, Harewood, Shelsley Walsh, Prescott, Loton Park, and Goodwood for our Autumn Sprint. In June they also have our Speed Trials as part of the Brooklands Double Twelve Motor Sport Festival which are held on the performance  handling circuit at Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey.




The VSCC always need lots of marshals for Hill Climbs and Sprints. In addition to the obvious trackside marshalling duties, they also need volunteers to assist with Paddock, Startline and administrative duties such as signing on, and results co-ordination.

All VSCC Speed events are open to the public and volunteers are needed to sell programmes, assist with car parking and on the Club’s display unit.

If you would like to get involved and help by marshalling at a Speed event please go to:


All words and photos courtesy of the VSCC and, where marked, individual photographers who retain copyrights to their images.

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