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The Soldier’s Arts Academy CIC is a platform through which serving and ex-serving military personnel can participate in the creative and performing arts

Remember 1914-18 by Harry Parker

Soldiers Arts Academy is a Community Interest Company that works with Veterans, their friends and families, and provides art workshops in order to help with many issues that are specific to this community. The areas in which they work are theatre, dance, film, music, poetry, art, photography, and educational presentations at schools etc.

The projects are extraordinarily varied and, although the topics selected for painting, photographing or presenting are just as varied, the central theme remains a desire to allow Veterans to explore and then dispose of any inner-demons through sharing thoughts and worries with others who have been through similar experiences and to move on.

Their website is:

Pink Mist by Lt Col Stewart Hill

One of their current theatrical projects is to launch a West-End run of their latest production, Soldier On.

Their current project is to launch a West-End run of their latest production, in a theatre owned and managed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I am sure that you will appreciate that this is a major – if not unheard of – opportunity for such a production.

We ran a small UK Tour at the beginning of 2018, which received great reviews and sell-out audiences. We would really love to achieve sell-out performances in this much larger theatre for this 5 week run at The Other Palace in London. We open with an open dress rehearsal on 25th October with tickets at just £10 and run through until 24th November with  evening shows Mon-Sat and Matinees on Thursdays and Saturdays.”


The cast is made up of a mix of Veterans and professional actors, and the producers guarantee that this show will be nothing like you have ever seen before. The Times, pronounced:

“ There’s a constant threat of fistfights breaking out, inter-regimental insults flying, and reproducing any of the machinegun dialogue would involve a lot more asterisks — but f*** me, it’s funny.” 

Flags by Lt Col Stewart Hill


Please do support The Soldiers Art Academy in any way you can. Financial support is always welcome, but publicity via social media etc., going to their shows, or indeed taking part, will all help keep this project going.


Images via The Soldiers Art Academy

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