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Angling Trust news 06.09.19

The new UK Fisheries Bill, due to replace the EU Common Fisheries Policy when the UK exits the EU, will go no further.

With the current session of parliament coming to an end, those Bills that have not completed their passage through Parliament making them an Act fall.

The Leader of the House of Commons confirmed on Thursday that the Fisheries Bill as well as the planned new Agriculture and Environment Bills set out in the Queen’s speech last year would fall – or not be taken forward to become law.

The Angling Trust had secured a commitment from the government that recreational anglers will be considered as key stakeholders when it comes to the management of our fish stocks once we have left the EU, as well as funding being made available for the development and promotion of recreational fishing. A draft amendment to make that happen had been prepared and was due to be added to the Bill when it was next debated in Parliament. This will not now happen.

The Angling Trust’s fight goes on. The case for including recreational fishing is clear. Just because the Bill now falls, it does not mean we are giving up.

As soon as the situation regarding Brexit becomes clear – whether we have a new government or whether we have a new session of Parliament under the existing government – we will be working to ensure the Fisheries Bill is brought back as soon as possible and recreational fishing is given proper recognition.

Words and image courtesy of The Angling Trust

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