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Kit Review – SOLE SIGNATURE DK RESPONSE INSOLE Designed in collaboration with the Ultramarathon Man, Dean Karnazes, and featuring pro upgrades and 35% recycled content, the Signature DK Response footbed provides the unrivalled SOLE support you need, no matter where you take it.

$1 from the sale of each pair of Signature DK Respone Footbeds is donated to Dean’s charity Karno Kids.

Mike’s Personal Review: Over the years of running competitively, including a decade of running professionally as an Ultra Distance Athlete, I’ve tried just about every insole available and only one insole stood up to the test of my gruelling training regime that at my peak was 100miles of running a week, including carrying weight and wearing combat boots.

The Sole Signature DK Response Insole is in my opinion the ultimate in custom insoles for not just the serious professional athlete, but anyone who is active and needs support and comfort.

Sole offer a full range of different insoles, so check out this website and happy running.

Specs: WEIGHT (half pair) Men’s 10 – 69.05g (approx.) Women’s 7 – 53.6g (approx.)

DIMENSIONS Width – Forefoot (approx.) Men’s 10 – 98mm Women’s 7 – 87mm Length – Heel to toe (approx.) Men’s 10 – 290mm Women’s 7 – 245mm

Benefits: Custom orthopedic support Equalized pressure distribution Reduced plantar fascia strain Increased balance and feel Improved natural heel cushioning

RRP: £42

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