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I saw this product advertised in Men’s Fitness a while back and had a look at the website and a few peoples reviews of the kit after purchasing and all sounds great…

I’ve spoken to the designer of the HOT GYM and looking to review this piece of kit myself from both a Personal Trainers point of view and from an individuals point of view for personal use.

But for now here is some information on the HOT GYM…

HOTGYM is the worlds first compact portable free standing gymnasium. It took Ian Johnson, a skilled mechanical engineer with over 25 years experience, 10 years to develop through many prototype designs, until it was eventually perfected in 2002. A patent was then applied for and granted in 2004, proving the gym’s unique compact portability.

Proven through years of constant use by many satisfied customers, The Hotgym continues to impress, not only because of it’s unique lightweight portability, but also due to its compactness when used at home.

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