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Building partnerships over fish and chips were on the menu for the Royal Air Force, Army Air Corps (AAC) and Estonian Air Force Allies at Amari Air Base, Estonia.

Personnel in the RAF’s deployed catering facility took a well-earned lunch break to enjoy a hearty portion of the nation’s favourite dish to celebrate national fish and chip day. The RAF is on Operation Azotize, the UK’s contribution to NATO’s Baltic Air Policing, flying Typhoon fighter jets to protect Baltic airspace and reassure their NATO allies.

Sqn Ldr Macfarlane, deployed as part of 121 Expeditionary Air Wing, said: “We’re having lunch today in 3 Mobile Catering Squadron’s mess tent and sharing some delicious fresh fish and chips with our Estonian Air Force friends to celebrate the UK’s National Fish and Chip Day. We’re here to contribute to NATO’s Baltic Air Policing, supporting our NATO allies and friends. We work very closely with our Estonian colleagues and it’s great to share some of our traditions with them.”

The AAC is also on operation in Estonia but under Operation Cabrit, part of NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) mission to defend and protect the Baltic states against any potential aggression. Captain Aliis Grabbi from the Estonian Air Force was invited with several of her colleagues to share the iconic British lunch with the RAF and Army. She said: “In Estonia we have fish and we have chips but we don’t eat them together, so it was a good experience. I really enjoyed it, the chefs here have done a great job.”

RAF firefighter, Senior Aircraftman Ferrie was having lunch during his shift and said: “We’ve just come from the fire section. We’re stocking up on lunch for some fire training later today with our Estonian colleagues. It’s a treat to have fish and chips, particularly as it’s National Fish and Chip Day. The RAF has a long tradition of ‘Fish Fridays’ too.”

Text and images copyright: MOD RAF

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