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Chosen Men nominated for Best Documentary

Aaron Sayers, a former soldier turned filmmaker has had his debut documentary Chosen Men nominated for an award at the National Film Awards.  Aaron’s hard work has put his film in contention for a title against the renowned natural history expert of Sir David Attenborough and his BBC documentary “Dynasty”.

You are able to vote for them using the link.

“A soldier’s story does not end on the battlefield”

“On a journey spanning more than 10 years, young veteran soldiers who served together on the front line proudly reflect on their service as Riflemen in the British Army and the impact it has upon returning to civilian life. With unprecedented access and footage captured during service, Filmmaker and Veteran Soldier Aaron Sayers offer a revealing insight into the changing identities of the modern day soldier, capturing the pride and professionalism of soldiers past and present whilst tackling and raising awareness of key issues that veterans face.

Chosen Men celebrates the pride shared within the veteran community and the bond of brothers held between those who served together on the front line. An honest exploration of transition, changing identity and life after service; featuring SAS Hero and Best Selling Author Andy McNab.” – as described on the Chosen Men website. The documentary is a collection of perspectives of Veterans who have actually experienced the events shown in the film. 

Take a look at the trailer, a lot of blood sweat and tears went into this film. The Military Times rates it a 5/5 on the reflection of our chosen men that continue to serve for us today.

The Documentary was written, directed and produced by Aaron Sayers along with the help of many other veterans contributing to bring this story to life and lead to the nomination for Best Documentary.  Aaron served with the 2nd Battalion of The Royal Green Jackets from 1998 – 2002. During his service career he was based in Germany with operational tours of Bosnia, Kosovo and Northern Ireland. He was given the opportunity to start a new career after life in the military. He enrolled f at the University of Portsmouth to study for a degree in Film Production, which led to the formation of his own production company in 2015, Edengate Pictures.


Aaron Sayer
The documentary in progress. (Aaron in Red)

You can watch Chosen Men with the links below:

Chosen Men on iTunes

Chosen Men on Amazon

Chosen Men on Skystore

Chosen Men on Google Play

Chosen Men on Microsoft

The Military Times welcomes similar projects ran by veterans. Do get in touch with the team for further information.

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