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Earlier today 33yr old Hacker Lauri Love who has autism won his appeal against extradition to the US for hacking into US Government computers, including the FBI, something he has openly admitted to doing. His argument was that he was a ‘Very High Risk of suicide if he had to serve time in a US Prison’ due to his autism.

Mr Edward Fitzgerald QC, lawyer for Lauri Love told the Court of Appeal the defence was not seeking immunity from justice, but said if Mr Love was sent to the US there was a significant risk he would not be fit to be tried as well as stating if Lauri Love is dead, putting it bluntly, no victims are going to get any benefit from a trial.

Before the judgment was handed down he tweeted: “Whatever happens today we will have something to celebrate,” adding “but let (us) hope and will that we have plenty to celebrate”.

After the verdict was announced, a huge cheer went up in the court room with Lord Chief Justice to call for calm, and outside supporters of Love held up banners in support of the accused hacker.

Love told reporters outside the court that he hoped to be able to reduce the stigma associated with depression and neurodiversity in the future, clearly trying to divert from the crime he has admitted to, showing no remorse to the hacking and putting many peoples lives in danger and using the media coverage as a platform for the future.

US authorities have fourteen days to find new points to try and appeal the ruling. Otherwise he will definitely not be extradited.

It is now down to the Crown Prosecution Service to look at prosecuting Love in the UK.

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