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Photo by: Mike Buss Photography

Last weekend, Royal Navy veteran and founder of the Stronger Together Festival David Vaughan jumped from 13,000 feet raising over £1600 for The Walnut Tree CIC who support veterans in the Wymondham area.

Vaughan’s target was £1000, but raised over £1600 in just five weeks, which was also the largest single donation that the Walnut Tree have ever received.

David Vaughan suffers from Complex PTSD and so the jump was a big challenge for him to conquer his anxiety, but the veteran successfully jumped tandem with UK Parachuting at their skydiving drop zone Beccles, Suffolk.

This is just one of many challenges Vaughan is taking on to raise much needed funds for non government funded charitable organisations. In December Vaughan will be joining another military veteran for a 72hr Sleep Out in Westminster to highlight the plight of homeless veterans and to raise money for the charity Save Our Soldier.

Photo by: Mike Buss Photography

Vaughan joined the Armed Forces in 1998 at the tender age of just 17 to escape a troubled, abusive upbringing from my step-father, joining the Royal Navy as an Engineer.

Vaughan told The Military Times that he instantly enjoyed the Navy’s sense of humour and the high standards that the senior service demand. “The passion, loyalty and most of all the brotherhood, are all things I will always have because it was drummed into my personality at a very young age.” Vaughan said.

During his service, Vaughan was involved in the RO5 sea trials and the Joint Task Force operations, including a tour of the Mediterranean which also involved Sierra Leone to bring back our troops.

In 2015 Vaughan had some time on his hands, and came up with 3 challenges to raise money for Non-Government Funded UKAF Charities, each one bigger than first. They started last weekend with #SkyDive2018, and followed by upcoming @72homeless & @TheSTFestival.

The Walnut Tree CIC

The Walnut Tree Health and Wellbeing C.I.C provides recovery activities, crisis support, coaching and mentoring to emergency service personnel and serving members of the armed forces, military veterans and others, with complex mental health needs, including addiction brought about by out of the ordinary traumatic experiences.

Website: Click here

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