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Prince Harry Launching Walk Across America
Prince Harry Launching Walk Across America

The Walk Of America will create a platform to tell the stories of wounded veterans and their individual journeys from injury to the present day, as well as encourage a wider conversation around veteran mental health.  The walk will also raise vital funds for veterans both sides of the Atlantic.

This Week, the Walk Of America was launched by Expedition Patron, Prince Harry, in London.

HRH met with the veterans taking on the challenge privately before the event to hear more about their personal journeys since serving and the support they have since received, as well as their plans for the future and why they are taking part in the challenge.

During his speech, Prince Harry said: “Our nations, and in particular our Armed Forces, share a special bond. We have learned a great deal from each other about caring for our veterans, but together and separately we continue to face challenges.

“I have always felt that the experiences we share in conflict provide a stronger support system in recovery – this is especially true of our Trans-Atlantic partnership. There is much more that we can learn from one another and in doing so, we hope to improve support now and into the future.

“The expedition we are launching today, Walking With The Wounded’s Walk of America, reinforces that bond.”

Introducing the team…

Veteran Kev Carr

Meet Kev Carr, who gave a speech alongside Prince Harry yesterday and will be embarking on 1,000 miles this summer as part of the Walk Of America team to ensure no-one suffers in silence like he did…

“My name is Kevin Carr and when I joined the Army at 17 the world was my oyster.  I was ready to serve my country and be proud of the fact that I was a soldier serving alongside my allies.   

“9 months ago I was sitting in my car looking at the cliff drop in front of me, ready to take my own life.  I was homeless, I was alone and I was suffering.  I owe a lot to my friend who found me that day, who pulled me from my car and forced me to seek support. The following day I was given a place at a homeless residence for veterans in Yorkshire where I received support from many organisations including Walking With The Wounded,  and slowly I began to see a light at the end of what had been a very dark tunnel. 

“Now, I am today standing on a stage beside Prince Harry and The US Ambassador, ready to take on an adventure of a lifetime, feeling that same sense of pride I had during my 5 years in the military.”

Make sure you visit the newly launched Walk Of America website and remember to confirm that you are happy to receive our updates. Use the yellow box below to ensure you keep up to date with some of the pretty extraordinary things the walk will uncover!









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