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Further to last week’s update from the MOD regarding the ‘Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’ Merlin engines, the Scampton Airshow organisers have been in touch with the BBMF to enquire as to progress and at this stage the Flight are hoping to send at least one Spitfire and one Hurricane to the Scampton Airshow this weekend (9-10 September).

Whilst this is not the full contingent of aircraft that were originally hoping to display, the organisers said "we are nonetheless very pleased that we will be seeing both key fighter types in the sky at RAF Scampton."

The organisers went on to say "We fully support the tough decision that the BBMF had to make in pausing operations, as both our organisations hold safety at the forefront of what we do. We would like to thank the BBMF for its continued hard work and we look forward to welcoming them to the first Scampton Airshow in a week’s time."

MOD Update – 30/09/2017: "Our investigation has confirmed an issue with a pinion gear in a Merlin engine. With the precise cause of the problem known, each pinion gear is now being inspected to confirm it meets our exacting standards, with the BBMF and industry putting all of our efforts into getting these beautiful aircraft safely back in the air as soon as possible."

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