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The Democrats and Veterans will be launching on 9th February 2018 in London. Bringing together men and women from all walks of life who are bonded by their shared values, positive attitudes, and sense of service, the party will work tirelessly to achieve its objectives for a prosperous, peaceful, free and lawful United Kingdom. The Party will reassert the nation’s Constitution and Common Law; protect and strengthen the rights of the individual; and defend the principles of freedom of speech and liberty of conscience, without compromise.

Embracing modern technology to provide a truly democratic approach to politics, and with a forward-looking, inclusive vision that is supportive of the people’s decision made on 23rd June 2016 to leave the EU, the Democrats and Veterans will supply the electorate with what they’re calling for: an accountable party that will seek to assert the will of the British people upon their elected servants in Westminster and in local government. Immediately following the launch, those wishing to join us in creating a prosperous, sovereign, united future for all in the United Kingdom will be able to do so on the party website. In the meantime all enquiries will be welcome by email at

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Comments on New Political Party ‘The Democrats and Veterans Party’ To Officially Launch 9th February in London

There are 3 comments on New Political Party ‘The Democrats and Veterans Party’ To Officially Launch 9th February in London

  1. Comment by Adrian Peirson

    Adrian Peirson

    It’s about time some party was prepared to uphold our ancient and common law rights, which reign supreme over Parliamentary decrees and …are for all time…

    Many argue we do not have a constitution, in fact we do, it is written in three separate documents, Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights and has been confirmed several occasions by former Monarchs.

    Interesting what they don’t teach us at school.

    Albert Burgess

  2. Comment by Cherokee


    Magna Carta provides an adequate basis for recognition of ‘freedom of elections’ “which is held to be ‘very important’ and ‘most essential’ that heirs be free and rights undiminished”. NICE :-!

  3. Comment by Thomas Cousins

    Thomas Cousins

    I would welcome more information.

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