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If you served in the Armed Forces you are entitled to a wear a badge as a mark of that service. The project was started in 2004, at which time only WW2 veterans were issued with them by the MOD. Since then, the eligibility categories have broadened and now anyone who has served in the Forces can apply. What is more, the MOD will actually send one to you for free (though it does cost the price of a stamp!), so you do not have to pay a fiver for something off the internet.

We have copied the relevant details of how to go about getting a badge below. You should be aware that the system can take up to 8 weeks to get a badge to you, so if you want one in time for the forthcoming Armistice day you might want to get a wiggle-on – or think about paying for one.

We have approached some of the main Service Charities to find out if they sell them so that you can contribute to the Veteran’s Community rather than the profits of some unknown (and possibly dodgy) company. We will provide an update as soon as we get any details.

If you are on the internet, this is the link to take you to the Government web page which explains everything. (but note that you cannot apply online – it has to be in writing).

If you are still “steam-driven”, then the contact phone numbers are:

Medals and veterans badges enquiries
Freephone (UK): 0800 085 3600
Telephone (from overseas): +44 141 224 3600

Copy of Government web-page.

Apply for a veterans badge or a medal


  1. Apply for a veterans badge
  2. Apply for a medal
  3. Replace a badge or medal
  4. Apply for a UK merchant seafarers veterans badge
  5. Apply for a UK merchant navy medal
  6. If you want to appeal or complain

Apply for a veterans badge

You can get an armed forces veterans badge if you’ve served in any of the UK armed forces – there’s no fee.


You can apply if you were in the:

  • army
  • Royal Navy
  • Royal Marines
  • Royal Air Force (RAF)
  • volunteer or regular reserves

You cannot apply if you:

  • served in the armed forces of another country
  • served alongside the UK armed forces, for example in the Canadian Navy or Royal Australian Air Force

If you’re applying on behalf of someone who’s died

You can only apply on behalf of a veteran who’s died if you get either:

How to apply

Download and fill in the application for an armed forces veterans badge.

You can also call the enquiries line to get a paper application form sent to you.

Medals and veterans badges enquiries
Freephone (UK): 0800 085 3600
Telephone (from overseas): +44 141 224 3600
Find out about call charges

You’ll need to give as much information on the form as possible, such as:

  • the force you served in, for example the army or Royal Navy
  • service number
  • period of service

Send the form by post or fax to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Medal Office – the address is on the form.

After you’ve applied

You’ll usually get your veterans badge within 6 to 8 weeks of applying.

You can also apply for a medal if you’re eligible.

If you lose your badge, you can apply for a replacement.

Get help

If you need to contact MOD about your veterans badge application, you can phone, fax or send an email to

You cannot apply for a veterans badge by email.

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Comments on Have you applied for a Veteran’s Badge?

There are 4 comments on Have you applied for a Veteran’s Badge?

  1. Comment by Mr Robert Eve

    Mr Robert Eve

    Can I get a replacement for My broken pin please on my veteran’s . Badge. I was in the army. In Kenya. 22960474. 1953_1956

    1. Comment by Murray Hammick

      Murray Hammick

      You can apply to the MOD for one free replacement badge if it is lost or damaged. May we suggest that you apply direct to the MOD for one?

  2. Comment by Frances purves

    Frances purves

    My grandfather and father both were awarded the Military Medal and my grandfather also the Military Cross. Can I get copies of their lost medals. Also can I get a veterans badge on their behalf? I was in the Royal Observer Corps myself and I am a caseworker for SSAFA and member of the RBL.

    1. Comment by Murray Hammick

      Murray Hammick

      Thanks for the question, Frances. I am sure a number of people are in the same position as you, so here is our best shot at providing the details you need.

      The Government will issue medals of deceased relatives as long as you are the official next of kin to the person who was awarded the decorations. The web-address for the application form is as follows:

      In the case of your grandfather, and assuming that his medals were awarded sometime ago, you might run into the ruling that only post-WW1 medals will now be issued.

      The Government website that deals with applying for Veterans’ badges is as follows:

      We are not aware that you can apply for a Veteran’s Badge on behalf of a deceased relative – but we might be wrong.

      We hope this is of help to you.


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