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Photo By: Cpl Mark Larner, Crown Copyright.

Today signified the move of Headquarters Standing Joint Commander (UK) (HQ SJC(UK)) from Andover to Aldershot, a process which had been in motion for the last two years.

To mark the occasion, outside their new home in Montgomery House, Brigadier James Coote DSO OBE the current SJC(UK) Chief of Staff shook the hand of Brigadier David Southall OBE, Chief of Staff Home Command. This gesture symbolised the official re-assignment of the post of Chief of Staff to the SJC(UK) from one to another and cemented the final proceedings to take place for the relocation.

HQ SJC(UK) was formed in 2004, with the then 4* Commander-in-Chief Land Forces as the SJC(UK). In the intervening years the post was re-assigned to a 3* Officer and, upon the creation of Personnel Support Command (now Home Command (HC)) in 2015; the initial decision was made that the role of SJC(UK) Commander was to transfer to Commander Home Command in Aldershot. However, military and civilian personnel were to remain in Andover, thereby separating the Commander from his Headquarters.

In 2016 work commenced to relocate HQ SJC(UK) to Aldershot, bringing the Commander together with his staff and thus improving the operational effectiveness of the HQ.

Photo By: Cpl Mark Larner, Crown Copyright.

With a joint team of 23 personnel, HQ SJC(UK) is Defence’s Operational Headquarters responsible for resilience operations and contingency planning in support of the civil authorities in the UK. Specific responsibilities currently include support to the police for Explosive Ordnance Disposal across the UK, Operation TEMPERER, the maintenance of contingency plans in the event of national disruption through industrial action and working with the Environment Agency to ensure Defence can assist with abnormal adverse weather if required.

Over the years HQ SJC(UK) has developed an impressive track record in delivering and commanding operational effectiveness in support of the civil authorities including, but not limited to, large-scale events such as the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, and complex industrial action operations.

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