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WW1 Film Brought to Life

Anyone interested in military history should try to see the most amazing digitised version of WW1 film clips put together in a film by the renowned director Sir Peter Jackson, and which is due to premiere tomorrow at a number of cinemas around the country.

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Jackson took clips of old black and white film of the war in which soldiers and equipment are seen resembling something out of a Charlie Chaplin comedy, with soldiers marching like automatons and aircraft and lorries zipping along at a rate of knots, and slowed it down, dramatically cleaned up the images and then added a layer of very realistic colour. The end result is an astonishingly realistic rendering of the Great War, the likes of which you will not have seen before.

The film was co-commissioned by 14-18NOW and the Imperial War Museum, which is also showing the film daily between 25th and 29th October, starting at 5 pm (that’s 1700hr for military types). It’s free – but will be on a “first come first served basis”. The screenings will start promptly so you are advised to get there in good time.

It is deemed to be suitable for 15-year olds and over. More info is available at the Film Festival website

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All images courtesy and copyright: IWM and Peter Jackson.

Comments on They Shall Not Grow Old – the film.

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  1. Comment by Barry Thompson

    Barry Thompson

    Being a military veteran myself and my father in WW2, my grandparents in WW1 and to see these old Black & White films brought back to life in colour let’s me see what my grandparents had to go through.

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