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Army press release 27th Sep

(STEM is a worldwide initiative to get more young people interested in Science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The military have taken a particular interest in this topic as they believe that not only will technically-aware youngsters become increasingly important in terms of recruiting, but also as apprentices to the engineering and technology firms that will be supplying defence equipment in future years and decades. Special emphasis is placed upon reaching out to younger girls and women who have traditionally not regarded some sectors of industry as being suited to the “fairer sex”. STEM aims to put all of that right and generate renewed interest in the sciences and technology. Ed.)

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst opened its doors to over 2000 young people from over 100 different schools and Youth Organisations for a showcase event. The event showcased a wide range of opportunities for all, from Army Aviation to the London Fire Brigade.

The event was supported by over 50 external partners who all ran various workshops, interactive activities and displays to engage the young people and encourage them to think about STEM careers in the future. We were excited to be supported by Fintech, Engineering, Data, Cyber and Space technology companies plus employment agencies to name just a small range of employment support being given to this event.

On the first day we invited an all-female audience which is seen by Government as a key area where we must better educate and inform to increase diversity. The second day’s event was open to all young people. We welcomed groups from both state and independent schools from all over the country.

On the Friday, we welcomed HRH The Princess Royal. HRH met some of the young people engaging with the activities at the various partner workshops and stands. She also took part one in a discussion about the importance of bridging the employer and education gap to encourage children to think about future careers.

The British Army recognises the importance of STEM and the fact it is key to stimulate the young people’s minds at an early stage as they plan their education routes to future careers. The British Army has several key areas which rely heavily on skilled and highly trained individuals including the areas of; engineering, communications and mechanical engineering to maintain the vast range of vehicles and equipment the Army uses around the world on exercise and operations.

The organiser, Lieutenant Colonel Debs Taylor said; “This is the second year we have delivered this event at Sandhurst, and this year we have increased the capacity and the opportunities to engage with a vast spectrum of STEM employers.  Our partner companies and organisations have committed huge of amounts of resource all for free so that schools can have a great event at no charge.  The event should truly capture the imagination of the young people attending.

STEM careers are becoming more and more important in society and there is a recognised shortfall of young people to fill the vacancies not only in the Army but also in commercial organisations. Events like this are trying to go some way towards informing and inspiring young people to consider a career path in a STEM industry.  We want the children to leave Sandhurst feeling they have had a good time and broadened their knowledge of the Army and STEM opportunities that are out there.”

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