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Its been reported today by Hawar news agency that Kurdish fighters have re-captured the village of Umra in Northern Syria, destroying the Turkish Army & Ankara-Backed militants in Afrin.

The Turkish Command Post was part of Turkeys ‘Operation Olive Branch’.

It was also reported that the Kurdish rebels drove the Turkish soldiers and Ankara-backed militants from the hills in Shara region.

The news agency further said that the command post of the Turkish army in the village of Hakiji and one of their military vehicles were destroyed in the Kurdish fighters’ attack in Jandaris region.

A number of Turkish army soldiers and allied militants were killed or wounded in Jandaris.

Hawar news added that two Turkish military vehicles of the forces were destroyed and the forces on board were killed in the Kurdish’ attack in the village of Maski in Rajou region.

Turkish media sources disclosed on Monday that Ankara intended to expand its military operations against the Kurdish fighters as it dispatched special forces to Afrin in Aleppo province.

“The Turkish police’s gendarmerie and special forces arrived in Afrin in Northern Syria via Heseh border crossing in Hatay province and Gol Baba in Kilis province,” the Turkish media reported.

They reiterated that the arrival of the Turkish army troops in Afrin is line with new battle in Afrin and with the aim of launching military operations in Afrin’s residential areas.

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