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General Radford was commissioned into The Light Infantry in 1985.  Promoted colonel in 2005, went on to command 19 Light Brigade in 2008 and was Commander, Task Force Helmand, between April and October 2008; he led Operation Panther’s Claw in 2009.

As a two-star, he became Chief of Staff of the ISAF Joint Command in Kabul in 2011, was  GOC Force Troops Command in February 2013. Winning his third star in July 2015, he was appointed Deputy Commander, Resolute Support Mission, the follow-on organisation to ISAF in Afghanistan.  

Tim Radford was then selected to command the ARRC  (Allied Rapid Reaction Corps) on 25 July 2016. He will be taking over as DSACEUR from James Everard and is likely to be presented with many new challenges as he grapples with NATO force structures in a post BREXIT world.

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