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Russian S-300 Air Defence System

After the recent air strikes by US, UK and France, Russia were outraged and warned that there would be consequences. The Kremlin stated that they would even supply their latest state of the art air defence system. So it is Israel, not the US are likely to be the most concerned, as it is Israel, not the US that flies the most missions into Syria and particularly Assad controlled Syrian territory. Israel is concerned with the Assad regime propped up by Iran building up a military presence near Israeli borders.

A former Israeli defence analyst stated that there is only one response likely from the Israeli Government, and that is to blow up any Russian S-300 surface to air missile system.

The relationship between Russia and Israel is already a delicate one, so any further escalation of tension between outside countries involved in the civil war in Syria could create the potential of escalating the war into a wider conflict.

Last week saw the most tense stand off between nuclear rivals US & Russia in a very long time, not since the cold war. But the US and Russia are not the only countries that have been sucked into this war, US and Turkish soldiers occupy separate areas in Syria, but whilst the US back the Kurds, Turkey are opposed. Iran & Russia back the Assad regime, UK have special forces on the ground in the fight against ISIS and have used air power against both ISIS and the Assad regime. Israel who have up to now enjoyed air superiority in the skies above Syria due to Moscow unwilling to confront the Irsaeli jets could change if Russia decide to give Syria the state of the art S-300 which will surely raise tensions if Israel retaliated. Russia have already sold the S-300 missile system to Iran, over the objection of the US and Israel, so Russia would have no problems selling the missile system to the Syrian regime.

Up till now Russia have not sold the S-300 to Assad after objections from Israel, but after the recent air strikes, Russia could use this as justification to sell the missile system to the Assad regime. Russia’s First Deputy Chief of Staff, Sergei Rudskoi has already said Russia would now “reconsider” whether to supply the S-300 missile system to Assad, Sergei has also said whilst talking to the BBC that Russia may revive plans to sell the missile system to the Assad regime because Russia feels it must do “whatever is required to help the Syrian army to deter aggression.”

The Russian S-300 air defence missile system is an extremely advanced defence system which can fire at six targets simultaneously with a range of 120miles.

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