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Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has told Prime Minister Theresa May that the US lead air strikes in Syria earlier this morning (14th April 2018) were “legally questionable”, calling for the PM to publish the legal advice she said she got from the Attorney General.

The Labour leader, in a letter to the Prime Minister, thanked her for informing him the bombing raids were taking place, but talks failed to convince Corbyn that air strikes in response to the Syrian regimes chemical weapons attack on its people in Douma was the right course of action, re-stating his view Parliament should have been consulted.

He wrote: “The UK Prime Minister is accountable to Parliament, not the whims of a US President.

“I believe the action was legally questionable and this morning the UN Secretary General has said as much, reiterating that all countries must act in line with the UN Charter.

“You assured me that the Attorney General had given clear legal advice approving the action. I would therefore be grateful if you would publish this advice in full today.”

Prior to the Air Strikes, Russia, Syrias closest ally used its power of veto to block an independent investigation into the chemical weapon attack in Douma a week ago.  This was yet again the latest in a series of actions by Russia which has blocked action against the Syrian regime.

Even with this shear defiance by Russia and its support of the Syrian regimes atrocities, Labour leader Corbyn said the UK must secure a new resolution that has the support of Russia before action is taken in Syria, even though Russia will only vito again and again.






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