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13 July 2019 11:28

On the 13th July 2019, The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst opened its doors to over 400 young people (aged between 12-16) and their adult volunteers from Youth Organisations across the UK to celebrate World Youth Skills Day (WYSD). The attendees took part in challenging leadership, physical and problem-solving tasks allowing them to test themselves, work in teams and discover new skills, knowledge and friends.

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WYSD is a United Nations celebration event to highlight the skills of our young people around the world and to show them some of the wonderful opportunities they could get involved with as they progress to adulthood.

Lieutenant Colonel Debs Taylor – Event Organiser “We have run a number of leadership events for schools but this is the first for Youth Organisations. It is a great way for the British Army to engage with young people who already volunteer, serve their communities and know the importance of teamwork.”

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst ran this event to support the United Nations WYSD activities. The aim of this event was to celebrate and support the excellent work of youth organisations in creating opportunities for young people to learn, develop and belong to their communities. This of course mirrors everything about the British Army.

Brigadier Mark Christie, Deputy Commander for Cadets said:

World Youth Skills Day is a UN programme to try and raise youth development up the list of priorities so that young people have a better start in life when they leave school and move into the world of work.

I’m hoping that they’ll pick up on our approach to leadership, to teamwork, to communications – all of those things that we look for in our soldiers and our officers, but which we think have got good solid transferable applicability to many areas of life well beyond the Armed Forces.”

Event Organiser, Lieutenant Colonel Debs Taylor said; “It was really important for us that the young people and their adult volunteers had lots of fun but left the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst knowing their skills and their sense of belonging are valued.”

Next event – On 26th and 27th September 2019, Sandhurst will host 2,000 secondary school age students at the Academy for a STEM careers event. This will showcase a wide range of both military and civilian careers, including the very best of British Army careers in STEM.

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