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ERA gathering and the Benjafields 100 Le Mans Start are the star attractions at the VSCC event at Silverstone last weekend.

History was made and as predicted the Bentley Le Mans Start was the highlight of an exceptional day of racing at Round 1 of the VSCC Formula Vintage Series at Silverstone last weekend. 

In addition there was a superb gathering of 8 ERA’s, a display of Bentley’s, a car park full of Pre-war cars, an auto jumble, a buzzing paddock filled with an array of fabulous vintage cars and a public grid walk which included HRH Prince Michael of Kent admiring the 40 Bentley’s lined up prior to the Le Mans Start.

To relive the Le Mans Start click the button below –

You can also see a list of results by clicking the blue button here.

All text and words courtesy of the VSCC

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