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VSCC Press release


It is 80 years since the circuit was last used for racing but on Sunday 27 January 54 pre-war cars converged on Brooklands to take part in the VSCC New Year`s Driving tests bringing motorsport back to the historic concrete. Kevin Lee and his team laid out 12 tests all named after historic marques.

The weather did not live up to the forecast with showers mid-way through the day.


Best score was by the very effective combination of Eddie Williams in Charles Gilletts 1929 Frazer Nash Super sports. Harry Hoskins, Tony Jones trophy winner in 2018 got his 2019 season off to a great start in his fathers 1929 Morris Cowley, Katie Forrest worked hard getting her 1912 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost round the cones. Edmund Burgess drove his 1924 Bugatti with his usual aplomb and Richard Wadman was victorious in his 1928 Austin Seven competing in the Cyclecar, Oddities and LCES cars.


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