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In view of the significance of this years’s Cenotaph Parade, the Royal Navy has commissioned a commemorative coin which has been issued to all personnel in the Guard. The initiative  was funded by the Royal Naval Hospital, Greenwich, which hopes that it will become an annual tradition.



The design includes the words  “The Glorious Dead” and “Lest We Forget”, as well as an image of the Cenotaph together with the date of the Parade. The coin was the idea of, and designed by, Warrant Officer 1 Pat McCafferty who commented:

“It’s about reward and recognition. These guys train hard for this and the end product is what you see at the Cenotaph, which is broadcast around the world.”

Jerry Kyd, newly promoted to Rear Admiral having successfully led HMS Queen Elizabeth through her first of class flying trials, presented the coin alongside Chaplain of the Fleet, The Venerable Martyn Gough, ahead of the guard’s departure for Armistice Day events in London last weekend.


Legal-tender coins with a Naval theme.

Quite separately, coins with Naval connections have been issued as legal tender by the Royal Mint and other approved institutions in the UK. The Mint has produced a number of coins over the last few years to commemorate the work of the Armed Forces in the Great War, including a number depicting Royal Navy history.

The two coins shown below were part of a six-coin set produced in 2016. The Naval theme was relevant that year as it was the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland. All have a face value of £5, but as with many of the coins shown in this article, they are now highly sought after and their value to a collector is vastly greater than their face value. In some cases the coins shown are made in silver and gold.




This £2 coin as issued in 2015 and shows a lead battleship in what appears to be a squadron at sea. in addition to the coins put into circulation, 100 were issued to the visitor centre on HMS Belfast and soon became a sought-after item.


Another recent strike was of a Merchant Seaman which formed part of a  2014 six-coin set to commemorate the start of the First War. Another coin in the set shows a gun-crew at work. Both are £5 coins.



2014 Royal Navy Coin


A £2 coin was issued to commemorate the launch of the Mary rose in 1511, a warship of Henry the VIII’s time and which sank in 1545 with the loss of the entire crew of 35 sailors.



This Trafalgar Coin was one of two issued in 2005 to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 when Nelson defeated the French and Spanish Navies.



The other Trafalgar coin portrayed Admiral Lord Nelson.




The Royal Mint issued a number of £5 coins in 2003 as part of a series struck to celebrate over 1000 years of “Naval Pride”.






Other naval-themed UK coinage include a £2 coin with HMS Beagle on it to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the liberation of Jersey.





Information about the Cenotaph coin provided by the Royal Navy which owns the copyright to the top two images.

Coin images courtesy of various sites including the Royal Mint.

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