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The 2018 Air Tattoo is set to witness a re-enactment of the First World War’s pioneering military aviators. The Great War Display Team will be flying a range of early 20th Century fighters from both sides of the War in a display that will commemorate the events that led to birth of the Royal Air Force. The exact composition of the team’s aircraft will be confirmed closer to the show.

The civilian team is comprised of experienced airshow pilots and vintage aircraft experts and displays around the UK performing simulated combat. Their scheduled appearance at the Air Tattoo on all three days will give visitors a glimpse into how ‘dogfighting’ began in the early years of aviation.

Whilst the exact display composition is yet to be confirmed, with five different types of aircraft we hope to see a mix of designs from biplanes to the infamous Fokker Triplane, as flown by legends such as Manfred von Richthofen.

Royal International Air Tattoo website, click HERE

The Great War Display Team website, click HERE

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