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TMT has received many letters and emails asking to be included in the scheme and most tel stories that would make them worthy contenders for support. 

However, as has been emphasised on previous occasions, we cannot process those letters as TMT does not run the scheme. 

For further information about applications for next year’s projects you should go to:  

Love Your Garden

Comments on Do you know someone who needs or deserves a brand new garden?

There are 5 comments on Do you know someone who needs or deserves a brand new garden?

  1. Comment by Jennie Morrison-Cowan

    Jennie Morrison-Cowan


    We are veterans who live in a sheltered housing association consisting of 32 flats with individual gardens and community gardens. Sadly the individual gardens for the ground floor flats are on a slope so older people cannot climb up to keep them properly. The community gardens still have the very old and sometimes diseased shrubs and trees. There is nowhere where we can sit out and enjoy the gardens in our old age. We are all veterans from the RAF our eldest being 97 and our youngest 64.

    We desperately need help and we thought we would try and look at what needs doing ourselves but it is such a big task we would value some help to get going. Is this something Alan could help us with.

  2. Comment by Helen Smith

    Helen Smith

    There is a lady I use to work with as a carer her name is Love and her name describes her perfectly. She has also been a foster carer for many years. She recently retired. She keeps her home wonderful but I know she would love a garden that her foster children would be able to enjoy.
    I hope and pray Alan can help her. Thank you.

  3. Comment by Murray Hammick

    Murray Hammick

    We have received a number of suggestions about garden projects which could benefit from Alan’s help. In some cases the letters include many personal details – which we do not publish without having confirmed that the sender wishes us to do so.

    Up to now The Military Times has not been in a position to actually do anything about recommending any specific proposal other than to draw attention to the application website as given in the article. However we do get quite a number of such requests and will therefore contact Alan’s team to see if they will allow us to pass on such proposals and, with the permission of all involved, report to everyone on progress as relevant.

    We hope that this helps – but until we confirm that this has been set up, may we again recommend that you apply via the link in the article?

  4. Comment by Josie beckett

    Josie beckett

    Hi I work at Rowley Regis Hospital in Oldbury, I am a HCA and Iv done as much as I can our ward garden, but it needs professional help, we have 24 patients on Henderson unit which is re-hab to encourage patients to walk again after falls etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Comment by Ingrid Goodall

    Ingrid Goodall

    There is a small boy who is very ill and needs a new garden that his mum needs help with she is desperate so he can go out and play safely people have set up a fund raising page however I think this little boys needs are more serious please help her . They live in Northampton will send attachment of fund raising page if needed

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