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As usual, the VSCC Brooklands Double Twelve event is held on the weekend closest to the original Brooklands opening date in 1907 of June 17th which incredibly, means the site is now 112 years old.

The term ‘double twelve’ originates from splitting the 24 hour endurance races into two sets of 12 hours over a weekend to appease the long suffering residents who begged for some respite from the constant roar of the cars in the 1930s. This weekend we will be evoking all of the glamour and excitement from those halcyon days of racing but with considerably less noise.

Event Timetable

Saturday 15th June -Brooklands Sprint

1000hrs Practice runs commence

1300hrs – 1400hrs Lunch Break

1400hrs Competitive runs commence

1800hrs Track activity ends

Sunday 16th June -VSCC Driving Test

1000hrs Driving Tests start

1500hrs Awards Presentation


10.05hrs – 1300hrs Judging for all Classes

Awards Presentation

The coveted Double Twelve trophy will be awarded on Sunday afternoon (1500hrs) to the most successful entrant in any two of the three competitive events.


Editor’s note: A great-grandfather of mine lived next to the Brook-Kings who built the track and he gave a small area of land to allow the circuit to be built according to its intended design. My late father used to tell us how he and his school-friends would explore Brooklands airfield and factory that was set up to build, reclaim and repair aircraft in the Second War. They would climb up the stacked ranks of wrecked Wellington Bomber wings by kicking holes in the fabric and standing on the alloy lattice-framework that supported the material. From there, they had a great view of Hurricanes taking off for delivery to the various fighter airfields.

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