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Marine Addis mystery disappearance

TMT would like to help Forces Network in its attempt to shed further light on the disappearance of Royal Marine Alan Addis who “went missing in the Falkland Islands 38 years ago, never to be seen or heard from again. Alan Addis was just 19 when he disappeared from the Falkland Islands in 1980. Several searches have been carried out since his disappearance and rumours of what happened have spread far and wide.”

Alan had been been sent to Fitzroy on the islands as part of Naval Party 8901, a team of six marines who were to provide the local population with civil and defence  training as well as to maintain a (somewhat brief) military presence at the settlement. Sailing from Stanley on a small steamer called “Forrest”, three members of the team dropped in on the North Arm settlement to pick up the rest of the the Naval Party before going on to Fitzroy.

The three marines arrived at North Arm on the 8th August (which was their winter), linked up with the other three marines and, that evening, all went ashore for a get-together a the social club, a weekly event at most of the settlements on the islands, where people tended to get quite merry. Sometime that evening Alan was seen to be having a heated discussion with a local but, apart from some reports of him leaving the club to have  a pee, no-one saw any more of him. The rest of the marines went back to the ship and, somewhat strangely, decided to sail to Fitzroy the following morning without Alan Addis.

Rumours abounded of course. Some said he was so tipsy he had probably fallen off the Forrest and drowned. Others that he had had a fight with one of the marines. or that he had been flirting  with one of the women at the settlement and been “sorted” by angry locals. None of these has ever been proven to be true – though there are many who believe that the argument in  the club was a definite clue.

Alan’s mother, Anne Addis, went to great lengths to get the investigation of 1980 re-opened after the Falklands War, and a number of investigations found that there were may aspects of the original police work which left a lot to be desired. In 2010 new information came to light suggesting he had been hit by a vehicle and buried locally under concrete, but still nothing was actually proven. Anne died in 2011 without ever knowing what had happened to her son. Alan’s sister, June, said her mother never stopped thinking about Alan; she had, in moments of despair, even tried to take her own life.

A number of people who were with Alan or were involved in the early investigations have strong feelings about what might have happened. However, unless new evidence comes to light it is unlikely that the case will be formally re-opened. And so Forces Network have appealed to anyone who might remember anything about what happened at the time to come forward. Perhaps, with the passage of time, someone who earlier felt they could not talk, would be prepared to do so now.

A very full account of the events surrounding Alan’s disappearance are given on Forces Network’s website at:

If you have any information, however insignificant it may seem, that could be of use to the investigation, please message Forces Network  at and they will contact the relevant authorities.


Image via Forces Network. Words based on report by Forces Network.

Comments on The mystery of Marine Alan Addis – can you help?

There are 2 comments on The mystery of Marine Alan Addis – can you help?

  1. Comment by Kevin Kinsley

    Kevin Kinsley

    Hi team

    I am a former Royal Marine. Served from 1989 to 1998. I am still in touch with hundreds of brothers. Can I help out in any way? Can we push our side to help find resolution?

  2. Comment by Murray Hammick

    Murray Hammick

    Thanks for the offer of help, Kevin.

    Perhaps you could see if any of your circle of contacts heard anything at the time and , if they did, whether they would be prepared to contact Forces Network. Within the Marine community I suppose the main thing would be to establish whether or not there was any ill-feeling between Alan and anyone in the Naval Party at North Arm.

    It does seem a bit odd that the ship left without him the morning after the session in the social club the previous evening. Why would they leave a mate behind like that ? Although perhaps he had told them he might not be back in time- if he had struck up relationship with a local girl perhaps?

    We can either bring the comments together on TMT or send them in to Forces Network. It’s up to our readers of course, but if we can help them shed any light on this mystery we might be able to help Alan’s family achieve closure.

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