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The Ministry of Defence has developed a wide range of recruiting techniques since they had fallen short of their recruiting needs. With the current articles suggesting the UK is a leading force within the world rankings, it is vital for them to continue to develop their recruitment style.

The British Army had released their marketing campaign on the 3rd of January in order to attract further recruits. With the posters to be featured on billboards right across the United Kingdom.

However, they have received backlash from their recent posters with servicemen & women not happy with the slogans their faces are alongside. A servicemen had written on Facebook that he was going to formally resign after his face was used alongside the poster’s slogan “Snow Flake: Your Army Needs You” without his permission.

Despite this, the MoD has said that that the volunteers for the new recruitment campaign were “fully informed” and that they would feature on the new posters.

MoD Posters

Lord Kitchener Poster

The poster was derived from Lord Kitchener Wants You in the 1914 advertisement. With this image becoming an iconic poster that held a degree of influence for recruiting Britons. As we look at the different posters that have been used over the years, there will be a need for change to attract different demographics and skill sets into the British Army


The Defence Select Committee was told last October that it had 77,000 fully trained troops compared to the target of 82,500. With 2018 recruiting not making its targets they have taken a new approach to attract ‘Snow Flakes’ for their compassion, “Phone Zombies” for their focus and “Selfie Addicts” for their confidence.

MoD needs a plan to plug skills gap and face emerging threats

The involved personnel claim that they did not know they would be the face of “Snow Flake”, has the MoD gone too far to meet the recruitment needs or is it justifiable that the Ministry of Defence is able to access different recruits via these means.

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