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Sunday was a special day for the HAC Regiment – Honourable Artillery Company. The Drum Major of City of London’s Reserve Regiment and Sgt Jowitt led both their own Regimental band, made up largely of Reserve soldiers, and the Band of the Scots Guards, who are all Regular soldiers, to change the guard at a Buckingham Palace and St James’s Palace. The HAC is proud to be made up of Regular and Reserve soldiers working side by side, seamlessly delivering the highest standards on parade and on the battlefield.



For the first time in their long history, the HAC has provided both Drum Majors for the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace. On Sunday morning Sgt Andy Jowitt, of the HAC’s Corps of Drums, led the HAC Band as they provided musical support for St James’s Palace Detachment of the Queen’s Guard while the HAC’s own Drum Major, DMaj Jack Barker, led the band of the Scots Guards.

In recent years both the HAC Band and Corps of Drums have provided musical support at this famous ceremony but it’s first time (we think!) the HAC have supported both Guards in this way.

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