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MMP firing training. Canjuers military camp, France. May 6th 2018. © Laurent Guichardon/MBDA

In May this year, the French Army conducted a training campaign of firings in preparation for the next operational deployment of the MMP missile.  In parallel, a number of additional firings were made to test the capacity of the system beyond its normal operating range.

The result was that two successful engagements were carried out at ranges in excess of 5,000 metres.  These tests, in which the seeker was locked onto the target before firing, confirm the exceptional performance of the MMP’s acquisition and guidance sequence.

They will contribute to building the confidence of future users, who may have to respond effectively under highly challenging operational conditions.  The MMP programme plans a total of 400 firing  posts and 1,950 missiles by 2025. The first hardware delivered is currently being used for training purposes.  The weapons system is expected to be deployed on operations before the end of this year.








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