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It is being reported that up to fifteen MOD-owned airfields are being considered for closure in a programme of savings planned over some five or six years.  This has raised concerns about future defence capabilities, with an all-party group of MPs stating that they are a “vital national asset” and should not be lost. They have written to the Defence Secretary asking him to re-consider the closures and to retain the ability to use them for defence operations should the need arise.

“At a time when the UK and our allies are facing significant global threats and uncertainties,” said Mr Shapps, MPs were “deeply concerned” to see the Ministry of Defence selling off this sort of military infrastructure.

The airfields earmarked for closure are:

Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Alconbury, Cambridgeshire

Arbroath, Angus

Brawdy, Pembrokeshire

Chivenor, Devon

Colerne, Wiltshire

Dishforth, North Yorkshire

Halton, Buckinghamshire

Henlow, Bedfordshire

Mildenhall, Suffolk

Molesworth, Cambridgeshire

North Luffenham, Rutland

Wethersfield, Essex

Woodbridge, Suffolk

Wyton, Cambridgeshire

Shown above is Colerne Airfield, home to 992 (Malmesbury) Squadron Royal Air Force cadets. Malmesbury (992) Squadron has a dedicated team of Commissioned Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Civilian instructors who hold qualifications in many different areas, allowing them to run all kinds of activities – from adventure training and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, to live rifle firing, clay target shooting, radio training, fieldcraft, first aid, and foot drill. They are funded by the RAF and MOD to enable them to offer flying and gliding, which includes solo & pilot development schemes, week ‘camps’ to active RAF Stations in tthe UK and overseas. They are an example of the sort of thriving organisation that would be greatly affected by the planned closures.

Today, many of the airfields are used by private pilots and commercial training companies.  Conservative MP Grant Shapps, the group’s chairman, said general aviation was worth £3bn a year to the UK economy according to Government figures. He added that he understood that many companies were starting to move their operations overseas due to the lack of suitable airfields in the UK and that there was little prospect of replacing the MOD sites with new commercial fields due to planning issues.

Under the current plans most of the sites will be sold for housing development as part of the Government’s wider plan to address the housing shortage in the UK. Mr Schapps is a former housing minister – with a PPL, and he has made it clear that he appreciates the need to build more homes.

In what appears to be a thin attempt to put a favourable gloss on the situation, a defence spokesman has referred to a tranche of some £300m due to be spent on RAF sites in the UK. However, it is clear that, in spite of offers to meet the group of MPs for discussions, the plans are going to be largely implemented. As the spokesman commented:

“Where airfields are no longer required, we will work closely with potential buyers and the local council to make sure that the sites’ future use best meets the needs of the local economy, including providing thousands of much-needed new housing or their potential for use as civilian airfields.”


Comments on Airfield sell-offs planned in UK

There are 5 comments on Airfield sell-offs planned in UK

  1. Comment by bob


    Stop pissing about and Name the “Defence spokesman” Make them aware they cannot hid every time and get paid by the public who pay their wages. It really is time the MOD started to be fully accountable and culled from the top.

  2. Comment by Lady g r Vernon

    Lady g r Vernon

    It’s a disgrace that such historical site should be closed down. A lot of airfields have been turned into housing projects, which denys the younger generation from benefiting from the historical value . Unfortunately manston airport is also under threat. I would have thought turning it into a business for example manston a race circuit which could then provide much needed jobs and keep the museums as a bonus of great value.

  3. Comment by Jim


    Would it be possible to get a group of people together to buy Colerne Airfield and keep it running as it is?

    1. Comment by Murray Hammick

      Murray Hammick


      It is not now clear exactly who would oversee any sale. Here are the relevant departments that you might wish to contact for guidance.

      Defence Infrastructure Organisation
      Office address
      DIO Headquarters
      Kingston Road
      Sutton Coldfield
      West Midlands
      B75 7RL
      United Kingdom

      I have also copied part of an open letter from a DIO official in reply to an inquiry about the sale of MOD land. It contains some potentially useful contact info if you are unable to get anyone to talk to you. The letter has been edited to save space – it was mostly about a specific site involving tenancy and grazing matters as well as the sale of some fields no longer required by the MOD. However, it also refers to leasing – which might be an option for your own potential scheme.

      Dear XX

      Further to our conversation this morning regarding the….. land. Attached is a plan showing the area to be sold coloured pink. The farm and land will be sold at auction in October/early November at a local venue.

      As I advised I will be visiting both the site and ….. on Monday …. and I will enquire about the possibility of any land on the site which could be available for leasing.

      I will be in touch again once I have more information for you.

      Kind regards

      Ruth Allan
      Disposal Projects

      Building 84, Lowa Road, Tidworth, Wilts, SP9 7BT

      MOD telephone: 94342 4097│Telephone: 01980 656097│Mil: 94342 4097 Fax: 01980 656005
      [mobile number] email: │Website:

      Hope this helps. Ed.

  4. Comment by Martin Cartwright

    Martin Cartwright

    Hi I wondered who I would contact to express and interest in either Woodbridge, Alconbury or Mildenhall with a view to purchasing and then potentially leasing back to the MOD until they were ready to leave?

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