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"…Skills gap in cyber security firms and EX-MILITARY PERSONNEL are a PERFECT fit

…Hackers pitted themselves against the best tools designed to keep them out!"

Philip Hammond recently brought the issue of Cyber Security and the threats we face into the limelight and put them centre stage; “Britain must now keep up with the scale and pace of the threats we face […]

If we want Britain to be the best place in the world to be a tech business then it is also crucial that Britain is a safe place to do digital business”.

The UK must have the capability to respond in kind to hack attacks says the chancellor.

The Military Times recently attended Black Hat Europe, with it’s ominous Mad Men style logo, the country’s largest event is bringing together all parties in the industry to discuss the latest cyber security issues and developments.

On display was the cutting edge security technology and techniques, mostly focussed on preventing and neutralising network attacks and securing data. From software developers and managed services firms to consultancies and defence firms, there was a wide array of sectors and specialisms represented. There’s more to resettlement than consultancy and defence!

Some of the biggest names in the business were represented and it was great to see the direct interaction between both sides of the security world as hackers pitted themselves against the best tools designed to keep them out. Among the motley crew of attendees, all the conversations that were had and the interests represented, XMR heard a recurring theme; “there is a skills gap in cyber security firms and ex-military personnel are a perfect fit”.

Whether in the form of DV cleared engineers for government-centric roles, experienced threat analysts for cyber analytics firms or technically-minded generalists, there are a plethora of roles available outside the standard ‘consultancy or defence’ spheres many ex-servicemen find themselves in.

Our Military jobs partner XMR, are leading the Cyber search for the best out there and placing them in top organisations that are now stepping up their defence barriers. But most important is finding the best fit for those leaving the forces and that means looking at all the possibilities to unearth those golden opportunities.

We work with some of the leading defence and consultancy firms in the UK, but

there’s so much more out there; building relationships with firms across all sectors, spreading the word about the skills and abilities that ex-servicemen and women can bring to civilian businesses.

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