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The Disruptive Technology for Defence Transformation Conference 2018 will be chaired by General Sir Richard Barrons and take place on 24-25 September in London.
Given the passage of world events over the last year, it has become even more important to grasp the imperative of defence innovation to retain the competitive edge.  Disruptive Technology 2018 provides a platform to discuss innovative solutions to align military capabilities to the future threat environment and retain strategic over-match in the context of rapid technological development.  Download the programme here
The conference will examine how selected major capability areas can be transformed by combinations of data processing, connectivity, robotics, autonomy, and machine learning/Artificial Intelligence.  Over two days we will examine some common themes, five key capability areas, and the relationships between them in a future Joint and Combined Force.
The conference will welcome strategic thought leaders including:
  • General Sir Gordon Messenger, Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, UK MoD
  • General Sir Chris Deverell, Commander, UK Joint Forces Command
  • General Mirko Šundov, Chief of Defence, Croatian Ministry of Defence 
  • Lieutenant General Ivan Hooper, Chief Executive Officer Information Systems and Services, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Dr. Thomas H. Killion, Chief Scientist, NATO
  • Dr. Richard J. Joseph, Chief Scientist, US Air Force
  • Air Vice-Marshal Bruce H. Hedley, Director Joint Warfare, UK Joint Forces Command
  • Major General Rob Magowan, Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Capability), Royal Navy
  • Major General Odd-Harald Hagen, Head of the Department of Defence Policy and Long Term Planning, Norwegian Ministry of Defence
  • Major General John S. Kem, Commandant, US Army War College
  • Brigadier Greg Wilson Head Capability and Strategic Development, British Army
  • Brigadier General José Antonio Herrera Llamas, Director CCDC – Joint Concept Development Center, Spanish Ministry of Defence

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