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British troops are to train alongside soldiers from Sierra Leone for the first time, to help prevent security threats to the UK.

Nearly 90 soldiers from 1st The Queen’s Dragoons Guards have been deployed alongside 25 soldiers from the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces.

They will learn how to live and fight in the jungle – skills that could help in the fight against terrorism and prevent the flow of migrants into Europe.

The Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon MP said:

“Training with Sierra Leonean forces is just the latest example of the UK stepping up globally to tackle international threats that put Britain at risk.

“Backed by Britain’s rising defence budget and by working with allies in Africa, Britain’s armed forces can help ensure stability in the region which helps to deliver security at home in the UK.”

The Ministry of Defence says the deployment underlines a commitment to helping combat extremism in Africa.

Two-thirds of Britain’s entire global short-term training team effort is invested in the continent, after hundreds of troops deployed to South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria.

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